Single Board Source/Meter/Switch Measurement Unit

SMSU Series SourceMeterSwitch Unit (SMSU), introduced by SW Link Ltd, is single-channel voltage/current sourcing, 4X6 switch matrix and measurement instruments. Each Series 100 SMSU instrument tightly integrates highly accurate stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade programmable gain amplifier and 18bits ADC on a 100x100mm PCBs.  It can output up to 20V, sub-uA to 1A current to device under test (DUT)  

The 6 decade low noise analogue current source allows measuring DUT in the current range from 100nA to 200mA. Additional high efficiency switch mode current source is designed for testing high power LEDs and COB up to 1A current and 12W of power.

4 decade programmable gain trans-impedance  amps for EL measurement .

The 4×6 individually addressable switch metrics is able to connect source and meter to DUT with 2 to 6 pins in any configurations. For example, measure the DUT in both polarity, 2/4 wire configurations, multi die device, ie, RGB leds or read temperature sensor on device with additional electronics.

The unit can be controlled by a computer via USB2.0 port.  Or integrated to other system as OEM board and communicates directly to MCU using commonly used communication protocols.